Welcome to the Longhill Linkup Trust

LLUT Mission Statement


As part of God’s church……
And inspired by his love,
Longhill Link-Up seeks, with
local people to create
confidence, skills, community,
so that many may find greater
fullness of life.

Welcome to Longhill Link-Up’s website
You will find in the pages that follow a quick overview of the work that we carry out, if you would like more information please do not hesitate myself or one of my amazing staff who will be only to pleased to help you.
The current team of paid staff and volunteers must be congratulated on their resilience and commitment to working with Longhill LinkUp over the past few years.
We continue to be totally committed to supporting people on the Longhill Estate and further afield in their Personal Development, Communication and giving back to the community and have delivered more activity this year than ever before.
But it’s not about quantity! Its about the stories of peoples changed lives. Come and see what is available so that me together can influence each others lives.