Foundation Learning

Foundation Learning foundataion1

Foundation Learning is an alternative education provision for young people aged 12-16 (Key Stages 3 and 4). The provision began in 2009 and has been a huge success working with over 150 students.


In the beginning we had two groups running at Longhill teaching the ASDAN Expressive Arts short course, mainly focusing on engagement of the learners i.e. improving their attendance and aspirations. By January LinkUp were approached by Hull City Council to create a KS3 group in addition to the KS4 groups. Both projects were very successful, creating an informal and relaxed, secure learning environment seeing all but one learner move on to further education. From this Hull City Council continued to commission the project; extending it to a further two groups in the West of the city which gave us the opportunity to also work with the schools in the local areas.

At the beginning of this academic year we moved the West site on to Orchard Park, working in partnership with St Michael’s Church, Orchard Park. We also had the opportunity to set up a Functional Skills group to complement the main teaching groups.

Teaching Groups

We currently deliver a variety of qualifications including NOCN Step Up qualifications within our KS4 group and ASDAN Bronze/Silver Awards for KS3 (appendix 1).foundataion3 These are supplemented with smaller qualifications, such as ASDAN Wider Key Skills and EdCC computing certificates. To complement these qualifications, we work closely with other specialised charities for example; ReFresh, Corner House and S.E.E.D, to benefit the learners experience while at LLUT.

As a staff team we feel that although the academic progress of each learner is important, we also focus on personal development in 1:2:1 sessions. This could be gaining confidence in social skills, taking responsibility for their actions or as simple as learning to learn again, since many of our learners have being disengaged from main stream education for extended periods of time.

As a team, we are currently developing our own individual skills in teaching with individual staff members completing their P.G.C.E, CTTLS or PTTLS.  This has provided improvements in the quality of the delivery of sessions, which has had a positive impact on the learners making their time at LLUT more worthwhile.

Functional Skills

This qualified teaching role commenced in September 2012. The provision includes three 2 hour session through the week across the two sites. These sessions are based around the EdExcel Functional Skills qualifications which the SmartMoves (HCC) foundationskillslearners work towards rather than completing GCSEs.


All the learners that have left LLUT in have achieved at least one qualification or certificate.
LLUT hold the Annual Celebration Event at the KC stadium which is attended by learners, their families, mentors and other professional representatives.

LLUT continues to improve attainment figures for learners.




-          Give every learner the opportunity and confidence to progress into future education.

-          To deliver a meaningful provision, i.e. the teaching and learning that takes place to be relevant and beneficial to the learners.

-          Work in partnership with more schools

-          To improve positive working relationships with the learner’s family and mentors.IMG_2947

-          Work with learners to re-engage them in attending learning provisions.

  • Help to choose and ready the most suitable KS4 placement for the learner.
  • Work in partnership with more schools
  • To improve positive working relationships with the learner’s family and mentors.

foundataion7The Future

We want to continue to offer this provision , working with the learners to develop their learning and social skills.

Be able to offer the learners more experiences which they would otherwise not experience.

Training all staff to a higher standard in teaching.

Continue to offer 1:2:1 extra support for the learners who need and benefit from it.