Youth Work

Youth Work Team

Les Moss – Lead Youth Worker

Demi Thomas – Youth Worker

Busilana Kashilembo – Youth Worker

Since April 2012 the Youth Work team have been running three regular evening sessions per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. These sessions have proved highly successful with around 35 young people attending per session.

All the sessions offered are mixed gender sessions for young people aged 11- 18 year olds. Our Youth Work provides the young people with a safe space to explore their identity, experience decision making, increase their confidence, develop inter personal skills and think through the consequences of their actions. In turn we hope it will lead to the young people making better informed choices and improve outcomes in their life. We facilitate a range of activities for the young people to participate in responding to the young people’s interests, needs and desires.

The young people are provided with the opportunity and support to surf the internet, socialise, complete homework or look at ideas for college, further education or future employment opportunities. Some of the young people that attend have a preference to engage in recreation sports which we facilitate in the hall. The young people are able to build up relationships with other young people they may not have socialised with outside of Link Up as well as staff members in an informal environment.

Due to an increase in drug taking among the young people living on and around the Longhill estate the youth team delivered some targeted sessions around drug and alcohol misuse. The outcome of these targeted sessions was to make the young people aware of the effects drug and alcohol misuse can have on an individual as well as increase their knowledge and understanding of drug and alcohol misuse.

In addition to our weekly sessions we have also undertaken several trips. These have included a outing to big fun, various local food restaurants, a day trip to Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, and a work experience trip to Tradecraft Plc Gateshead for 16– 18 year olds requiring support in gaining employment.

The Allerthorpe Lakeland Park: Pocklington

The aim of this trip was to provide a group of young people aged 13 – 19 years with the opportunity to experience working within a team setting, providing a key tool in looking or obtaining employment. The young people that attended were given a chance to experience raft building and kayaking.


Tradecraft Tradecraft Plc in Gateshead kindly accepted our request to take a group of young people along to their premises and attend a day’s work experience with them.


The aim of this trip was to present unemployed young people with the opportunity to experience a job description that may be suited to them when conducting a job search, in particular factory work.

Since attending tradecraft in April 2012 we have supported the participants in completing their own C.V some of the young people have since gone on to achieve and maintain employment in a factory work setting and one has joined the Armed Forces. This was a really positive outcome for all concerned.

Carlton Lodge, Thirsk

In the summer break we were also successful in receiving a funding bid from the Sir Henry Smith foundation. With the funding we were awarded, we were able to run a 3 day residential to Carlton Lodge throughout the summer holiday, exclusively for 12 to 14 year olds living within the Longhill area. The residential took the young people of the Longhill estate area in Hull and gave them the opportunity to experience something they may never have been able to before.

As a staff team we choose eight young people who we felt would most benefit from the experience as they were the families we felt were most at need.

We planned for the three days to be fun and as eventful as we possibly could. We took a group of four girls and four boys.

For some of the group this was the first time they had ventured away from Hull and they were very excited. Carlton Lodge, situated in North Yorkshire, specialise in adventure, learning and discovery for children and young people. They use the great outdoors to help children and young people discover the power of their own potential. They provided us with a wide range of outdoor and water activities such as Kayaking, bush craft, high ropes, archery, night walks, challenge course, leap of faith, and the assault course. The young people participated in all the activities provided to them. Many off the activities were focused around communication skills, planning and creative thinking. Staff supervised the young people throughout the 3 days and we agreed the young people’s self confidence had been boosted and their team working skills had improved.

The three day residential was gruelling and demanding, however, it was a roaring success and the young people have not stopped telling their friends about it since we have returned.


A group of young people were offered the chance of a trip to Big Fun as a reward for the Christmas 2012 competition winners.

Heights of Abraham

We organised a trip to Matlock, Derbyshire, to visit the Heights of Abraham, which consisted of a cable car crossing, and a visit to the caves. From here we visited the town of Bakewell, famous for its pudding, and finally the group were treated to KFC as a reward for there excellent attitude and behavior whilst on the trip.


Life on Longhill is a research project that has assisted the young people of Longhill to voice their own concerns about the community where they live. This is still on going; however, the information already undertaken has been very empowering for the young people. The next stage of this project will see the young people take on some accredited work and the local governing bodies, for example Police and councillors, in gathering further statistical evidence and data in achieving their own agreed outcome of obtaining funding to construct a skate park on Longhill estate.

What’s happening in 2013?

Over the up and coming months a main focus within the youth team will be to deliver accreditation work with the young people who access our services.

This will help them to gain skills for life via accreditations in specific areas and give them some background to gain employment and confidence in particular areas of interest.

Link Up will also continue to offer Young People a range of services from sport and recreation to healthy lifestyle and informal education, come along and join in and give us your voice that will help to benefit the Young People of Longhill estate and the surrounding area.

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